2019 Energy Efficiency Trends

25 Jul 2019 Custom Building

When designing a home, it is important to plan for the future. Incorporating energy-efficient features into your custom home can take some planning, but it usually will save you money in the long run and it is worth it to avoid wasting resources and protect the environment. At Hyline Construction, we are up to date on all of the 2019 energy efficiency trends as they relate to home building, so our clients can be sure that they are always getting the latest in green home features.

Green Custom Home Trends

Environmentally friendly standards for custom homes can take a variety of forms. Whether it is the materials used to build the home itself or the features, amenities, and final touches that are completed after the home is built, there are numerous ways to make a home energy efficient. Some simple green custom home trends for 2019 include:

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are a great way to save money on your energy bill as well as conserve water usage. These features also ensure that your home never runs out of hot water, which is great for large families.

Solar Power

When building a custom home, implementing a solar power system can greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Some solar electric systems are so efficient that you can provide enough power for your own home and the extra energy generated will be fed into the municipal grid, meaning that your solar panels will make you money.

Heat Pump for Temperature Control

A heat pump is a device that works similarly to a refrigerator, but on a large scale for your home. It moves air through a series of coils and other mechanical components to control the air temperature of an environment. They are incredibly effective and energy-efficient devices and they are becoming more popular as methods of heating and cooling homes.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy-efficient fixtures and LED lighting are on the rise with custom homes, and so is increased use of natural light. LED lighting can be implemented throughout a home in order to cut waste and produce more light with less power, and better systems for skylights that let in light while keeping out heat can be used in a custom home to improve energy efficiency.

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