3 Awesome Tesla Wrap Ideas

13 Jul 2021 Vinyl Wraps

Though Tesla electric vehicles offer leading performance, safety, and run times, their factory paint options are limited. This makes it difficult to have a vehicle that is truly tailored to your specific preferences or style. That is why the team at Wrap Guys is proud to provide a selection of high-quality Tesla wraps that can be customized based on your preferences and requirements. Their experienced team can help you turn your Tesla into a mobile billboard for your business or a personal representation of your unique style. To help you choose the perfect wrap for your vehicle, their team has provided some examples of 3 awesome Tesla wrap ideas.

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Great Wrap Ideas for Your Tesla

If you are looking to add a touch of personality and originality to your Tesla, consider the following types of vinyl wraps:

Solid Colours

Though Tesla offers a variety of electric vehicles, their colour selection is limited and standard. Their colour options include black, white, dark grey, blue, and red, each of which are offered by nearly every other manufacturer. This makes it difficult for your vehicle to stand out or to fully suit your preferences. By using a solid colour vinyl wrap, you can choose the precise colour for your Tesla to make it unlike any other vehicle on the road. Whether you want a vibrant green, a metallic purple, or a bright yellow, any option is available to you with a vinyl Tesla wrap.

Pearlescent Wraps

Not sure which solid colour is right for your style or preferences? Why not choose multiple colours at once with a pearlescent wrap? Also known as colour-changing wraps, this option has a completely different appearance every time you look at it based on lighting conditions and your viewing angle. By choosing a pearlescent wrap for your Tesla, you will see it in a different light every time you set your eyes on it.

Patterns or Art

If solid colours are too bland for your preferences, vinyl Tesla wraps are also available in a variety of patterns and can incorporate various images in their design. Checkered, chain, chevron, lattice, striped, and dotted are just a few of the examples of patterns that can be turned into a Tesla wrap. Nearly any image or piece of art can also be added to your wrap, though some restrictions may apply based on copyright and other conditions. Consult the Wrap Guys team to learn more!

To learn more about our tesla wraps and other vinyl wrap solutions, get in touch with the Wrap Guys team. They can be reached through their online contact form and will be happy to help you design the perfect wrap for your Tesla.