3 Custom Home Floorplan Ideas

29 Oct 2019 Custom Building

If you are looking into building a new home for your family, one of the most important components of the prebuild process that you will need to consider is what kind of a floorplan you will use. There are many different ways to design a custom home and, at Stattonrock Design + Build, we are able to implement a wide range of approaches and we always come equipped with a full lineup of custom home floorplan ideas. Whenever we begin working on a new home build, we like to help our clients to come up with floorplan options that will suit their needs and lifestyle.

3 Floorplan Ideas to Consider for Your Custom Home

Although there are always exceptions, most home designs consist of the same components when using a set amount of square footage: At least three bedrooms with one master bedroom, an ensuite bathroom, powder room, kitchen, living room, garage, and maybe a third bathroom. The customization becomes a factor when looking at how these rooms are arranged within the floorplan, the design elements of the home, and any additional rooms that might come into the picture, such as a theatre room or office spaces. Some custom floorplan ideas that you can consider when designing your home include:

1.     Open it Up

Open-concept homes are popular for a reason. They create an excellent flow so that there is no division between the kitchen and sitting or visiting areas, making them ideal for entertaining and family time. Open-concept floorplans can also make a home appear as though it is bigger than it truly is. You can tie living, dining, cooking, and work together in one shareable space.

2.     Bring in the Great Outdoors

When deciding on a layout for your home, consider different ways to bring the outdoors into your home. Think about the flow of the space from the front door to the back and make sure there is plenty of access to connect with the outside of the home through doors and windows.

3.     Make the Most of Light

Think about the position of your home when building it. Make sure that the areas of the home in which you will spend different parts of your day are positioned to get healthy amounts of sunlight, and plan your window placement accordingly. If you tend to spend the morning in the bedroom and the evening in the kitchen or living room, make sure that the bedroom is on the east side of the home and the living area is on the west side to ensure that the sunlight hits the right areas.

How to Make the Most of Your Custom Builder

The custom builders from Stattonrock Design + Build have a wealth of experience with designing homes that meet the needs of your present as well as your future. When planning your home’s floorplan, make sure that you include your home builder and designer in the process to make the most out of their experience. They will be able to take each of your needs and ideas and apply it to your home in a financially realistic way.

If you are interested in finding out more about some custom home floorplan ideas that could be right for you, or if you would like to learn about any of our home building services, please contact Stattonrock Design + Build or fill out a form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as we can.