5 Aquatic Plants to Consider for Your Pond

21 Mar 2023 Ponds

If you are considering having an ecosystem pond installed on your property, it is crucial to ensure that you are choosing the right plants once the job is finished. While aquatic plants add aesthetic appeal to every pond, they are also vital for maintaining water balance and minimizing the risk of excessive algae buildup. As a leading provider of ecosystem pond design and installation solutions for properties of all sizes, the team at Fontana Ponds & Water Features knows that aquatic plants should never be overlooked for ponds. That is why we have compiled a list of 5 aquatic plants to consider for your pond to help you choose the ideal options for your wants and needs.

Learn about 4 ways to enhance your pond.

5 Popular Aquatic Plants for Ecosystem Ponds

The following types of aquatic plants are a great way to enhance the appeal and health of your ecosystem pond:

1. Water Lillies

Water lillies are available in a variety of colours including red, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet, and white, allowing you to add vibrance and depth to your pond. Though they are not well-suited for water filtration, they help to provide shade for the bottom of your pond to sustain a healthy ecosystem.

2. Pickerel

Pickerel is a great choice for most ponds due to the variety of colours available. The blue, white, or lavender blooms have long lives and create a beautiful addition for ponds when planted in masses. They often grow to be about 24-30” in height, helping to create shade for shorter plants and reduce the risk of damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

3. Water Lettuce

Water lettuce is easy to grow and extremely resilient, making it a low-maintenance option for various ponds. These plants produce fuzzy green rosettes of leaves that have a similar appearance to a head of lettuce that floats on the surface of the water, creating shade for the floor of the pond. Water lettuce is also an effective natural filter, helping your pond remain balanced throughout the year.

4. Blue Iris

A blue iris is a beautiful and functional addition to any pond that can grow up to 48” in height. Due to their height and narrow stalks, it is best to plant them in mesh baskets or shallow gravel beds. In addition to their striking appearance, blue irises are highly efficient filter plants that can help keep your water clear.

5. Creeping Jenny

While Creeping Jenny is often used as a ground cover for terrestrial gardens, it fares extremely well in aquatic settings as well. Creeping Jenny is typically planted near the edges of a pond and grows to approximately 2” in height. This makes them a great way to soften the edges of your pond and enhance its appeal.

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