5 Different Uses for Livestock Panels

21 Oct 2021 Farm Fencing, Farm Products

Whether you own a small hobby farm or a large-scale agricultural operation, you need the right equipment for the job. From feeders to fencing, there are many types of equipment to consider for your farm. That is why it is often worth your time to invest in quality equipment that can serve multiple purposes, like livestock panels. These units can be extremely useful even if your farm does not handle livestock. As leading providers of farming equipment for all types of agricultural operations, the team at Edge Wholesale Direct understands the value of multi-purpose equipment. That is why their team has compiled a list of 5 different uses for livestock panels to demonstrate their versatility and utility.

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5 Ways to Use Livestock Panels

Livestock panels can be used in many creative and useful ways including:

1. Portable Fencing

Livestock panels are designed for use as a durable fencing system. They can be used to establish a rigid and secure animal enclosure or fencing system. These fences can then be easily moved by one or two people and secured with t-posts and wire in a short period of time. Four livestock panels are enough to create a sizable space to keep small livestock secure and happy. Livestock panels are also portable, allowing them to be moved for rotational grazing, brush control, and fire lines as needed.

2. Shelters

Livestock panels can easily be turned into low-cost weather or storage shelters. With the use of some t-posts, medium gauge wire, and tarps, these shelters can be used to protect animals, hay, tools, and equipment from almost any type of weather. Be sure to pay attention to snow loads and wind conditions however, as these conditions can be hazardous. These shelters are designed to be installed quickly without the need for any building permits, allowing for a fast solution in any setting.

3. Greenhouses

With the addition of a framed base, door frame, and greenhouse plastic, livestock panels can be used to create a simple greenhouse structure. This type of structure would also be ideal for an aquaponics system or other ecosystem where climate control is important.

4. Chicken or Rabbit Tractors

Livestock panels are perfect for creating portable chicken and rabbit tractors. These tractors are specifically designed to allow for rotational grazing methods. They help keep animals on new grass every day while protecting them from potential predators and harsh weather conditions.

5. Arbours

Livestock panels feature a sturdy and supportive structure that can be used as an arbour for plants. These arbours will allow plants to grow vertically, creating covered entryways. Arbours are also perfect for segmenting crops such as pole beans and cucumbers.

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