8 Family Photography Ideas for 2018

30 Oct 2018 Photography

Family photo day should not be a source of stress. Amber Leigh knows that coming up with original photo ideas can be tough, so she have put together a list of 8 family photography ideas for 2018 that will help make picture day an enjoyable occasion rather than a traumatic slog. As a lifestyle photographer, Amber loves creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere at all of my lifestyle shoots. Any memories captured are sure to last a lifetime.

8 Creative Ideas to Make Picture Day Fun

If your family is stressed out or uncomfortable during a photo shoot, it can be hard to get a picture that does not display those emotions. These ideas should help to get the whole gang relaxed and on the same page for your family photos.

1. Be Casual

It is fine to get all fancy and dressed up, but casual clothes and settings can make for great family photos. The casual clothes can match or just be what you would wear for a day at the park.

2. Get Outside

Natural light is such a gift to photography and there are so many great opportunities in British Columbia for outdoor family photos. Getting your family outside for a walk by a creek or sitting under a tree creates a beautiful, natural atmosphere.

3. Get Dirty

Do not be afraid to let your family roll around in the grass or dirt together. It is important to dress appropriately for this kind of photo, but kids will love the chance to misbehave a little. Life is messy; get that mess on film.

4. Squish ‘em Together

Families are supposed to love each other, right? By getting cozy and squishing together for a family picture, you can show the whole world that you are not afraid to get close to one another!

5. Recreate a Famous Photo

Whether it is a famous album cover or a historic photograph, this family picture idea can be a fun way to get everybody involved and posing.

6. Show the Love

It might seem cheesy now, but when you see that family photo of you and your loved ones holding each other tight, gazing affectionately into each other’s eyes and just generally loving each other, your heart will melt. The classic mom-and-dad-kiss-while-the-kids-hide-their-eyes picture is always a crowd pleaser and it really ramps the love-level up to 10.

7. Home Photos

Most families spend the majority of their time in their home, so it makes sense to capture those memories at the source.

8. Activity Time

Think of something that the family likes to do together and photograph it. Whether it is a game, crafting, or just going for a walk, activity shots make for great family photos.

Remember, family picture day should be a celebration! If you want to learn more family photography ideas for 2018, or to schedule a family photo shoot with Amber Leigh Photography or learn more about my other photography services, call or text her at 604-202-9315, or fill out her online web form.