8 Questions to Ask Before Using a Mobile Crane

23 Aug 2022 Mobile Cranes

Mobile crane safety is vital for every operation regardless of the size of the project and the materials that need to be lifted. While mobile cranes are invaluable pieces of equipment for various industries, several steps must be taken before performing each lift to ensure optimal safety. That is why the team at Stampede Crane & Rigging has put together a list of 8 questions to ask before using a mobile crane to help you ensure that everything is accounted for before performing a lift.

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Important Questions to Answer Before Operating a Mobile Crane

Before an operator uses a mobile crane to perform a lift, the following questions need to be answered:

1. Is the Operator Certified?

To perform a lift for your project, an operator must possess a valid certification. They will also need to be able to provide proof of this certification upon request.

2. When was the Last Annual Inspection Completed?

Mobile cranes must be thoroughly inspected and documented at least once per year. If one of these inspections has not been performed in the past year, the crane should not be used until an inspection has been completed and the crane has been declared safe to operate.

3. Has the Daily Pre-Use Inspection Been Completed?

Daily pre-use inspections check key areas of the machine and locate signs of damage or small issues before they require major repairs, making them crucial for safety.

4. Is the Crane Showing any Signs of Wear or Damage?

Any signs of wear or damage must be noted and documented during any inspection. Moderate to severe signs of wear must be resolved before operation.

5. Is the Crane Level and Stable?

Mobile cranes must be stable and level before performing a lift to reach their maximum lift capacity. This stability can be achieved by operating on a flat surface or through the use of outriggers.

6. What Materials Need to be Lifted?

A description of all materials and objects that are to be lifted must be provided. This description is typically included in the lift plan and should specify the dimensions, weight, rigging considerations, and the height the materials need to be lifted to.

7. Has a Lift Plan Been Created for Each Lift?

Lift plans are often completed before the crane’s arrival on the project site and should be accessible for anyone involved with the project. These plans outline how loads will be lifted, identify potential hazards, and describe traffic control measures (if needed).

8. Where is the User Manual?

The manufacturer’s user manual must be present inside the cab of the crane for the operator to review and reference as needed.

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