Additional Features to Consider for a Custom Loading Ramp

3 Dec 2020 Loading Ramps

If you need a loading ramp for your facility and have decided to go the custom-manufactured route, it can be worth looking into additional features to include on your ramp from your manufacturer. Some additional features for custom loading ramps can make daily use easier, safer, and more efficient, so make sure that you talk to your ramp provider when planning out the ramp’s design.

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Additional Features for Custom Loading Ramps

Whether you have unique access needs or need to be able to load and unload multiple trucks at the same time, custom loading ramps can make a big difference in how efficiently your facility operates, and features can be added to the ramp to further improve performance. Some of the additional ramp features available from Dura-Ramp include:

Ramp Height Adjusters

Most high-quality loading ramps come with a height adjuster of some kind to make it easier to unload and load different sizes of vehicles. There are different types of height adjusters, and the type you need will depend on how often it will be used and the type of ramp you have. If possible, it is worth looking into an electric option for adjusting the height of your loading ramp to save time and effort when setting it up.

Ramp Transition Plates/Dock Levelers

Transition plates and dock levelers can make it much easier to get started loading and unloading a truck. While many loading docks use a small dock overlap to bridge the gap between ramp and truck bed, these options offer much larger and safer methods to get cargo in and out of a truck.

Decking Material

The type of decking material required will depend on the type of vehicles being driven on the ramp. If you plan on driving anything other than a forklift on your custom loading ramp, make sure you look into alternative decking options.


The railing used around the edges of your loading ramp can have a huge impact on its safety. If the ramp deck is high enough, it is worth having handrails to prevent injuries to people walking on it. There are also certain types of rail systems that are more durable than others, making them less likely to buckle when struck by a forklift.

If you would like to find out more about the different options that are available for additional features for custom loading ramps, or to learn about the different ramp solutions that we offer at Dura-Ramp, please contact us at 1-877-820-1333.