Are Backyard Ponds Eco-Friendly?

27 Aug 2020 Water Features

Whenever you are looking into making a large-scale change to your property, it is important to consider how it will affect the surrounding environment, and knowing if backyard ponds are eco-friendly can help. Ponds are typically a great way to enrich your property and the surrounding ecosystem, as they can provide a source of life and sustenance when installed and maintained properly. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, we specialize in creating ponds that could be mistaken for something found in nature and we are always happy to talk to our clients about how to make their backyard pond into something that benefits the environment.

The Environmental Benefits of Backyard Ponds

There are many great reasons to put a pond in your backyard, among these reasons are the benefits that ponds can provide to the surrounding environment. Some of the ways that ponds can benefit your local ecosystem include:

Chemical Free Gardens

Ponds and water gardens do not require the same chemical presence that many other types of gardens or water features do in order to repel pests and maintain health. Many types of chemicals will actually have a negative impact on the life of your pond. In this way, ponds provide a much more natural gardening option.

Providing Nutrients

Backyard ponds are a great source of nutrients for the surrounding ecosystem. By promoting healthy bacteria and microbe growth, ponds can kickstart the food chain and draw in bugs, birds, and other animals.

Conserving and Maintaining Water

Despite the fact that ponds and aquatic plants require water to thrive, they require less of it to be constantly provided than many other plants, gardens, and lawns. Other gardens need to be constantly watered, while a pond’s watering system is all self-contained and will often refresh itself.

Controlling Mosquito Population

Although people often mistakenly believe that ponds breed mosquitoes, the opposite is often true. Ponds provide a place for fish that eat mosquito larvae. Dragonflies also lay their eggs in and around ponds, providing a great breeding ground for one of the biggest mosquito predators.

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