Are Cable Deck Railings Safe?

16 Mar 2021 Decks and Patios

Cable deck railings are a popular modern choice for decks and balconies. They offer high visibility and airflow compared to glass and other metal railing options, making them a great choice for outdoor usage. Cable railings are especially well suited for homes near the water as they are not affected by the morning fog obscuring the view like glass railings often are.

Misconceptions Regarding Cable Deck Safety

Though cable deck railings are suitable for almost any home style, many individuals believe that they are not a safe choice for their home. This belief stems from several misconceptions regarding the properties of cable railing and their components.

Cables are Flimsy and Can be Easily Moved

A common misconception regarding cable deck railings is that they are flimsy and can be easily stretched or moved. In reality, each stainless-steel cable is securely locked into a solid stainless-steel fastener, which in turn, is screwed into a powder-coated, heavy wall, aluminum post. The securely fastened cable assembly is then tensioned with wrenches until it does not move up or down more than ¼” in either direction. Cables are spaced 3” on center by pre-drilled and threaded posts to ensure when property fastened and tensioned there is less than a 4” opening between cable wires.

If you are unsure of how to tension a cable railing, reach out to the team at Vista Railing Systems for assistance.

Cables Erode or Break Easily

In fact, stainless-steel cables used in deck railings systems are exceptionally sturdy and resilient. Each cable is constructed from Marine Grade Type 316 stainless steel. This material is highly resistant to corrosion from moisture or harsh weather. By combining these cables with powder-coated, heavy walled, aluminum posts, a cable deck railing system is safe, sturdy, and virtually maintenance free.

Cables do not Meet National Building Codes

Many homeowners believe that cable deck railings do not meet the safety standards for their home, influencing them to choose an alternative style. At Vista Railing Systems, our cable deck railing system is designed and tested to adhere to national building codes. This ensures optimal safety and quality for your home.

To learn more about their selection of cable deck railing solutions and other railing products, reach out to the experts at Vista Railing Systems. Their team will work with you to provide the perfect solution for your needs and budget.