Are Glass Railings Safe?

26 Nov 2020 Railings

When most people think about glass, they think of something fragile. When it comes to glass railings, this thought process often causes homeowners to feel concerned that glass railings will be unable to support enough weight or that they will break when accidentally hit by a blunt force. If you are unsure about whether or not glass railings are safe, consulting with an expert like the ones from Vista Railings can help you make an informed decision. Their team members are experts in all kinds or railing systems including framed glass railings and frameless glass railings. All Vista Glass Railings have been independently tested and certified to meet or exceed National Building Codes for guard rails.

What Makes Glass Railings Safe?

When installed correctly, glass railings provide a very safe option for residential uses. Some of the aspects of glass railings that make them particularly safe are:

Made from Tempered Glass

In order to ensure that glass railings are as safe as possible, they are made from tempered safety glass which has been heat treated to increase its surface strength. Tempered glass is roughly four times stronger than normal glass and is designed so that it will not shatter into sharp glass shards, in the rare event that it does break.

No Small Spaces for Children or Pets to Squeeze Through

Compared to other types of railings which usually have openings, slats, or bars, glass railings do not have any openings that are big enough for children or pets to squeeze through. Similarly, children will also be unable to climb glass railings, as there are no potential footholds for them to use.

Rot and Decay Free

One of the biggest benefits of glass railings is that they will not rot or decay over time because they are typically made with metal components. This means that glass railings will maintain the same level of strength and integrity that they had when first installed.

Comes with High-Quality Components

Glass railings come with high-quality fasteners that are designed to help enhance the stability and security of the railings. Glass railings can also be securely mounted to a variety of different surfaces, including hardwood, composite, concrete, and other materials.

If you would like to learn more about whether or not glass railings are safe, or if you are interested in one of their glass railing products, please contact Vista Railings at 1-800-667-8247. Their team of railing experts would love to help you select the perfect glass railings for your specific wants and needs.