Backyard Stream Design Ideas

10 Dec 2020 Water Features

Having a stream flowing through your backyard is a great way to inject some life into your landscape and provide a source of relaxation and entertainment for you and your family. Whether you want the stream to end at a hidden reservoir or flow into a pond, there are many options for how your stream can look and features it can include. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, we have been designing and installing streams and pondless waterfalls for years, and we are always happy to help you come up with great backyard stream design ideas.

Design Ideas for Backyard Streams

The design of your stream will depend largely on how your backyard is laid out and where you want to place the stream. If you have a backyard with a natural slope, this will affect how the stream will need to be installed. The size of the backyard will also determine many of the opportunities that are available for design. Some creative design ideas to consider for your backyard stream include:

Bring in Large Stones

Many people work with what is easiest to move and position when it comes to stonework for a water feature. Smaller rocks can look great, but having an occasional massive stone that the stream diverts around or a large rock outcropping can give the stream a more rugged, natural appearance.

Aquatic Plant Life

There is a massive variety of plant species that thrive next to running water. Talk with your landscaper about some of the florae that are available for your area and make sure that you have a deliberate plan for different types of plants. Flowering vegetation, plants that hang over the stream, shrubs, trees, and other types of plants can all be combined to create an amazing landscape.

Consider Architecture

Having the stream run next to a gazebo or deck or under a bridge is a great way to make the water feature more interactive. The right piece of landscape architecture can give your yard a degree of richness while also offering better functionality.

Consider Elevation

Even if your yard does not have a natural slope, it can be worth giving the stream steep drops to add character to the way the water flows. Sections wherein the stream’s water can run faster or drop off a ledge can create complexities in the noise the water produces and offer different water textures to look at.

If you would like to learn more great backyard stream design ideas, or to find out about any of our water feature and landscaping services, please contact the team at Fontana Ponds & Water Features and we will help you get the information you are looking for.