Benefits of Butterfly Dampers

5 Sep 2019 Industrial Dampers

At Flextech Industries, we manufacture a wide variety of different types of industrial dampers for many different industries. Although the various types of valves and dampers are used for different applications, one of the most commonly used varieties for all applications are butterfly dampers. There are many benefits to butterfly dampers and, at Flextech Industries, we supply a wide range of options for this type of valve.

What are Butterfly Dampers?

Butterfly dampers are mainly used in round duct work applications. They pivot on a single hinge and can rotate up to a quarter turn in order to allow varying amounts of materials to flow through the pipe or duct. As one of the most commonly used valve types, there are many different types of butterfly dampers and many different ways of manufacturing them. Butterfly dampers are frequently used in baghouses, balancing systems, control air systems, incinerators, scrubber systems, and stack isolation.

The Benefits of Butterfly Dampers

There are many reasons to use butterfly dampers as a valve structure for a duct system. Some of the best reasons to use butterfly dampers include:

Size and Speed Versatility

Butterfly valves can be as small or as large as needed and they are able to open and close very quickly. This makes these industrial dampers useful in all kinds of applications.

Structure and Precision

Butterfly dampers operate in a similar fashion to ball valves, but they are lighter weight than ball valves, meaning they require less structural support. The structure of butterfly valves also provides excellent precision, making them perfect for measured or balanced systems.

Cost and Maintenance

Because butterfly dampers require less material and infrastructure to build than many other types of valves and dampers, they tend to be an excellent low-cost option. They require very little maintenance and do not frequently leak, meaning that they work well as long term dampers. When maintenance is required, accessing the shaft seals is fairly easy.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of butterfly dampers and their many uses, or if you are interested in any of our services or products, please contact Flextech Industries at the location nearest you or fill out a contact form on our website.