Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

14 Jan 2021 IT Services

While video surveillance systems were once primarily used as crime prevention tools, today’s cloud-based video surveillance systems offer a much more diverse range of applications, including proactive monitoring. If you are unsure about cloud-based video surveillance and whether or not this type of system is the best option for your business needs, the team from Next Hop Solutions can help you make an informed decision. Some of the main benefits of cloud-based video surveillance include:

1. Minimized Data Loss Risks

One of the biggest advantages of switching to a cloud-based video surveillance system is that it automatically saves video footage to the cloud and an offsite server, eliminating some of the physical vulnerabilities often associated with traditional surveillance systems. This means that, even if the cameras malfunction or are damaged, the footage will still be accessible through the cloud. Most cloud-based video surveillance systems also have an onsite storage backup with limited space that the footage can be saved to if Internet coverage is too unreliable to upload the footage to the cloud.

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2. Regular Updates and Upgrades

No matter what kind of video surveillance system your business uses, updates are an essential part of ensuring that the system is operating at peak performance. Cloud-based systems eliminate the need to remember to perform updates, as they are designed to perform updates on their own without the need for any onsite equipment or without interrupting the system. Cloud-based video surveillance systems are also easier to implement and operate.

3. More Storage

Compared to traditional video surveillance systems that use tapes, it is far less likely that the data being stored by a cloud-based system will be accidentally overwritten. Cloud-based video surveillance systems can also store a lot more data than traditional systems. In most cases, cloud-based surveillance systems can keep important information and video for months rather than days.

4. Camera Status Updates

Cloud-based video surveillance systems can provide updates on the overall status of cameras and components, notifying owners when certain devices have gone offline. This type of surveillance system can also inform owners when there are persistent bandwidth issues that need to be resolved, reducing the amount of downtime needed to fix any issues.

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