Benefits of Custom Expansion Joints

3 Dec 2020 Expansion Joints

If you are setting up a new piping system, duct system, or other type of fluid or gas transfer setup, it is important to know what kind of vibration absorption and expansion joint outfit will be used. Many types of expansion joints can be purchased and incorporated off the shelf, but some systems require customized options. At Flextech Industries, we know that there are many benefits of custom expansion joints for nearly any piping or ducting system, and we are always happy to help our clients find the best solution possible.

Why Go with Custom Expansion Joints?

There are many different types of expansion joints, and they all offer different benefits. The type of expansion joint you need will depend on a variety of factors. Regardless of type of expansion joint you need, there are many benefits to getting a completely custom setup. Some reasons to talk to an engineer about your options for custom expansion joints include:

Getting the Perfect Fit

Custom expansion joints can be tailored to perfectly fit your needs. Not every piping or ducting setup is created using the same plans and there are often variances in what is needed, so a custom-made expansion joint can often solve annoying problems that could occur during installation.

Optimized Performance

Expansion joints perform a variety of tasks. The main reasons that expansion joints are installed are to moderate pressure, manage vibrations, and provide flexibility at seams, and these objectives can be accomplished more efficiently with an expansion joint that is tailored to its placement.

Easier Installation

Rather than attempting to squeeze a piece into a tight place in which it was not designed to fit, it can be beneficial to go with a properly designed custom expansion joint. Custom joints can speed up installation and make for a more efficient facility.

Better Ongoing Maintenance

Custom expansion joints can be made to make maintaining equipment easier and more efficient. With the right planning, an expansion joint supplier can create a solution that is can be easily accessed for routine checkups, cleaning, repair, replacement, and other maintenance tasks.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of custom expansion joints and find out what the best system is for your needs, or to learn more about our industrial products and services, please contact us at the location closest to you.