Benefits of Installing EV Charging Stations at Your Business

12 Aug 2021 Licensed Electrician

As all-electric car sales continue to rise, EV (electric vehicle) charging stations have become a desirable feature in any parking lot. Though EV chargers require a significant cost and space investment, they can bring many benefits for all types of businesses and facilities. As a team of experienced residential and commercial electrical contractors, the team at BNR Electric understands the growing importance of EV charging stations. That is why they have compiled some information on the benefits of installing EV charging stations at your business.

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5 Reasons to Install EV Chargers at Your Business

The following are 5 reasons to install EV Chargers in your parking lot for both customers and employees:

1. Attract New Customers

Due to the scarcity of EV chargers, customers may stop at your parking lot for an hour to recharge. When doing so, they are likely to enter your business and purchase items or learn more about your services, becoming new customers. What starts as a simple charging session can easily turn into conversions for your business, generating revenue over time.

2. Offer Something That Your Competitors do not Have

By installing an EV charging station in your lot, you are providing an option that most of your competitors do not have. This helps to put your business on the map and to rank above similar businesses, increasing your reputation and traffic.

3. Showcase Your Commitment to Green Initiatives

With many areas of Canada committing to net-zero targets in the near future, it has never been a better time for businesses to showcase their commitment to green initiatives. An EV charging station in your parking lot is a clear indicator that you support these targets, further increasing your reputation and public perception.

4. Attract and Retain Employees

Having EV charging stations in place demonstrates a proactive approach and modern culture for your business. Both elements are highly desirable for employees at all levels, especially if they own an electric vehicle. Employees with electric vehicles are more likely to stay on for extended periods if you offer electric charging as this eliminates a major area of stress for their daily life.

5. Get Ahead of the Trend

Change is coming to businesses all over the world. As emission restrictions continue to increase, businesses need to look beyond the present and well into the future. Installing EV chargers in your lot is a great way to get ahead of the current market and prepare for what will eventually be a standard in the future. By acting now, you may also receive government incentives to help offset some of the costs of installation and operation.

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