Benefits of Powered Mobile Shelving

12 Jan 2023 Warehouse Equipment

Every operation needs to store products or materials regardless of the industry they work in. Whether you are storing materials for industrial manufacturing or documents for the printing industry, it is crucial to invest in the right shelving or racking solution for your specific needs. As a leading provider of racking and shelving solutions for all types of facilities, the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment knows how vital these units are for every operation. If you are looking for a modern and efficient storage solution that allows for easier organization, it may be time to consider adding powered mobile shelving to your operation. To help you determine if these units are right for your facility, we have compiled some information on the benefits of powered mobile shelving and the safety features they offer in various settings.

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What is Powered Mobile Shelving?

Powered mobile shelving is a modern and efficient solution that optimizes storage and organization for a variety of industries. Manufacturing facilities, retail warehouses, medical storage locations, and material warehouse applications can effectively utilize powered mobile shelving in their daily operations, enhancing storage capacity, organization, and safety. A unique modular floor structure allows these shelving systems to expand in all 4 directions, allowing facilities to transform nearly any space into a storage location.

3 Reasons to Use Powered Mobile Shelving

Though highly efficient, many workers wonder if powered mobile shelving is safe. The reality is that powered mobile shelving offers industry-leading safety features that can suit the needs of any facility. In some instances, powered shelving can even be safer than conventional shelving systems. Each powered mobile shelving system offers the following safety features and benefits:

1. Passive Protection Systems

One of the most common concerns with powered mobile shelving is that it might crush a worker if another team member tries to access another shelf. Thankfully, this situation is easily avoided due to the passive protection systems that come standard with every unit. The safety floor between shelves is equipped with a weight sensor and will disable shelf movement if an object over a certain weight threshold is on this surface. Each unit also features an optional PIN function, restricting access to these shelves for users unless they know the PIN.

2. High Capacities and Lasting Durability

Powered mobile shelving systems offer up to 2,000 lb of weight capacity per bay of shelving. This allows each bay to safely hold many materials and products, allowing operations to store up to 100% more inventory in the same amount of space used by conventional systems. Some systems also feature warnings that alert users when a shelf is close to maximum capacity, ensuring that shelves are never overloaded. This reduces strain and maximizes durability, ensuring safe storage for years to come.

3. Enhanced Organization and Safer Storage

Disorganization and overloaded shelving can reduce visibility when using conventional shelving systems, increasing the risk of collisions with other personnel or equipment. The risk of trips, falls, and injuries increases when a storage area becomes crowded and disorganized. There is also a possibility that products can fall off shelves onto personnel, causing severe injury. Powered mobile shelving features large platforms to ensure optimal stability for products, minimizing the risk of falling items.

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