Benefits of Rack Modernization for Warehouses

25 May 2021 Warehouse Equipment

The type of pallet racking and shelving used in a warehouse has a substantial impact on efficiency, safety, and general optimization. Outdated or unsuitable shelving systems can reduce storage capacity, picking efficiency, and the safety of facility personnel. To optimize your operation, it is crucial to ensure that each racking and shelving system is perfectly tailored to your facility’s dimensions and daily tasks.

As leading providers of quality racking solutions, the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment understands the benefits of rack modernization for warehouses. That is why they have recently implemented a rack modernization project in Cold Lake, Alberta. Read about our Cold Lake storage warehouse case study to see how rack modernization can improve your facility.

How Rack Modernization Can Improve a Warehouse

The right pallet racking and storage shelving can make a world of difference. A full rack modernization can provide the following benefits:

Increased Efficiency and Picking Accuracy

If your warehouse or facility requires same day picking and packing, a modernized racking system can help. A modern racking system is designed to optimize picking accuracy by utilizing labels and high-visibility shelves. These systems can also increase efficiency by grouping similar products together instead of spreading them throughout the facility. By increasing accuracy, operators can quickly locate products/materials, pick them, and transport them. This allows for enhanced productivity in the same amount of time, increasing picking without requiring additional working hours.

Enhanced Safety and Visibility

Certain codes and safety standards for racking have significantly changed over time. A rack modernization is a great method of ensuring compliance with all modern requirements. This increases safety by allowing for optimal visibility and stability. Visibility is crucial for operations that transport large materials or products through narrow aisles or around sharp corners as it can help increase awareness for equipment operators and surrounding personnel. This minimizes the risk of safety incidents, ensuring that your operation continues to run smoothly and on schedule.

Optimized Storage and Work Areas

One of the largest benefits of rack modernization is the optimization of storage capacity and work areas. A combination of racking, vertical lift modules, mezzanines, and multi-level shelving can increase storage capacity while freeing up space for other operations. Though a rack modernization can improve your warehouse, it can be difficult to determine which options are best for your facility. The team at Commander Warehouse Equipment can work with you to determine the optimal racking solution for your current facility needs and available space.

To learn more about how rack modernization can benefit your warehouse or industrial facility, get in touch with Commander Warehouse Equipment. Their team can be reached through their online contact form and will be happy to assist you.