Benefits of Tilt-Up Construction

6 May 2021 Mobile Cranes, Precast Concrete

Tilt-Up construction is the preferred method for many development projects and industrial facilities. The combination of steel rebar and concrete provides a durable, cost-effective, and efficient solution for all types of buildings. Whether you are constructing an office building or a warehouse, tilt-up construction is a great choice. As leading supporters of the tilt-up construction industry, Eagle West Crane & Rigging provides mobile crane solutions for all job sites. That is why their team has provided some information on the benefits of tilt-up construction and why it is an ideal solution for many types of buildings.

4 Advantages of Tilt-Up Construction

Tilt-up construction offers the following benefits for nearly any construction project:

1. Faster and Safer to Install

Tilt-up concrete is one of the fastest and most efficient construction methods available. The ready availability of concrete allows operations to get the materials they need in days, not weeks. Though the casting of each panel can take some time, these panels can be quickly tilted into place with a mobile crane once they are set. While the panels are setting, workers can still safely perform all other tasks for the project without worrying about disturbing wet concrete. Having the concrete set on the ground is also faster and safer than pushing concrete up several stories with a pump.

2. Built-In Sound and Heat Insulation

Concrete provides exceptional insulation for sound and temperature. Manufacturing facilities will not need to worry about disturbing nearby businesses during operation, while office buildings will not be affected by road noise or other sounds. In addition to noise reduction, concrete is highly resistant to extreme heat and cold. This makes it easier to control the internal temperature for office buildings or production facilities. Above all else, concrete is highly resistant to fire, making it one of the safest choices for a building on the market.

3. Exceptional Durability and Value

By choosing tilt-up concrete, you are choosing one of the most durable and long-lasting construction methods available. Concrete office buildings and warehouses are designed to last for decades and require minimal external maintenance during this time. Durability and reduced maintenance help tilt-up concrete facilities retain their value longer than other types of buildings.

4. Reduced Waste and Better Energy Efficiency

When it comes to construction, reducing waste and environmental impact is a major area of focus. Tilt-up concrete produces less waste compared to other types of construction, making it a more environmentally friendly option. Due to the exceptional insulating qualities of concrete, facilities will spend less on temperature regulation over time. This helps to optimize energy efficiency and value while further reducing environmental impact.

To learn more about tilt-up concrete and the mobile cranes that can help make it happen, reach out to Eagle West Crane & Rigging. Their team can be reached at 1-800-667-2215 and will work with you to provide the perfect solution for your next project.