Benefits of Woven No-Climb Fences

20 Jan 2023 Farm Products

If you tend to horses, cattle, or other large livestock, you will need to select the right fencing solution for their needs. With so many types of farm fencing available, it can be nearly impossible to determine which option will be best for your livestock. That is why the experts at Edge Wholesale Direct have compiled a list of the benefits of woven no-climb fences to demonstrate their effectiveness and help you determine if they are the right choice for your ranch.

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4 Reasons to Use Woven No-Climb Fences

Woven no-climb fencing offers the following benefits for agricultural operations of all sizes:

1. Lasting Durability

Woven no-climb fencing is constructed from Class 1 hot-dipped galvanized steel, making it strong enough to withstand wear and tear for years to come. This means that you will not need to worry about weather-based wear, collisions, or livestock rubbing against the fence over time, letting you tend to your herd with total peace of mind.

2. Minimal Maintenance Requirements

When compared to wooden fences, woven no-climb fencing requires minimal maintenance over time. Wooden fences will need to be stained and treated every few years to maintain their resistance to humidity and temperature changes, costing you more money and time. Woven no-climb fencing is made of galvanized steel, meaning that it will require no staining, treatment, or other maintenance over time to retain its durability and effectiveness.

3. Increased Livestock Safety

As referenced by the name, woven no-climb fencing is designed and constructed to be nearly impossible for livestock to climb. By choosing this type of fencing, you will minimize the risk of your livestock escaping your pasture and the risk of injuries caused by attempted climbing.

4. Enhanced Security

Woven no-climb fencing is incredibly difficult for predators to climb or jump over, keeping your livestock safe from unwanted visitors. This type of fencing can also ensure that every animal stays where they should be instead of wandering into other pastures, saving you potential headaches and work.

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