Boat Trailers: Bunks vs Rollers

16 Jan 2020 Marine Services

There are many different options to consider when deciding on the best boat trailer setup for your needs. Many of these options will be determined by the type of boat being trailered, the type of water that the boat will be used in, and various other factors. Some other options, such as whether to use bunks vs rollers on a boat trailer, are up to the preference of the boat owner. At Bridgeview Marine, we have a wide selection of boat trailers that come in all sizes and with a variety of features to suit any boat.

Bunks or Rollers on Boat Trailers?

With the wide assortment of options that are available for boat trailers, it can be difficult to know what kind of system you want to use for transporting your vessel. For that reason, it can be useful to know the benefits of bunks vs rollers on a boat trailer. In most situations, either type of system will work, so it really comes down to preference and where priorities lie when choosing your boat trailer system.

Reasons to Go with Rollers

For boat trailers that are carrying heavy boats, rollers are often the system of choice. Rollers make it easier to get a heavy boat on and off the trailer smoothly, which can be a major reprieve if you are used to having to work hard to get your boat out of the water. The main reason that anyone would go with rollers over bunks is to save work and transition easily from the water to a trailer.

Reasons to Go with Bunks

Bunks can be difficult to transition a boat onto from the water, but they are also much more durable and do not break as often as rollers. Bunks also do not require any maintenance aside from keeping them clean along with the rest of the trailer. Boat trailers with bunks are also much less expensive than trailers with rollers, which makes them preferential for smaller boats. Another reason that many people go with bunks over rollers is that some boats that sit on the trailer for long periods of time can deform wherever the weight rests, meaning that rollers can cause divots. Flat bunks usually do not cause the same kind of deformities.

If you are interested in finding out more about boat trailers and the benefits of bunks vs rollers, or if you would like to learn more about the boat trailers, boats or other products that we provide, please contact us or visit the location nearest to you.