How to Build a Loading Dock

18 Jul 2019 Loading Ramps

Although loading docks should always be designed and built by qualified professionals to ensure that they are capable of withstanding heavy-duty use, knowing how to build a loading dock can help users to better differentiate between quality ramps and lesser products. Dura-Ramp has been manufacturing heavy-duty loading ramps for years and this has allowed them to fine-tune their process.

Building a Loading Dock

Building a High-Quality Loading Dock

At Dura-Ramp, their process for building loading docks ensures that every product they send out is prepared to stand up to years of extreme use and is able to support the kinds of weights that are customary to forklift loading operations. The stages involved in building a loading dock include:

Designing the Loading Dock

This is one of the most important parts of the loading dock manufacturing process. The designer will consider the needs of the client before designing the loading dock. Knowing how many ramps a dock will need, the number of bays, the amount of deck space, whether or not the loading dock needs to be portable, and the amount of weight that it will need to support are all considerations that the designer will take into account during this phase.

Manufacturing the Loading Dock Parts

Loading docks and ramps are made up of many different components, and each of these components needs to be manufactured. Many of the components will be manufactured ahead of time and can be incorporated into the design but, if a loading dock is being customized, some of these components will need to be individually manufactured. For this reason, Dura-Ramp employs master welders and metalworkers.

Assembling the Loading Dock

Some parts of a loading dock are shipped to a job site to be assembled there, but anything that needs to be welded in place is done during this phase. This includes welding the steel decking together, making sure that the framework is properly assembled, and welding the legs and braces in place.

Powder Coating All of the Pieces

In order to weatherproof the loading ramp, all of the components are powder coated and painted. This process ensures that the loading dock can last for years and years, and it also makes the entire apparatus more attractive to look at.

Shipping and Assembling the Loading Dock

Once the loading dock is built, the entire setup can be shipped to the client’s facility. There, any remaining assembly can be completed so that the loading dock is in place and ready to work.

If you would like to find out more about how to build a loading dock, or if you would like to learn about the ramps and services that Dura-Ramp offers, please contact them at 604-795-9799 or by filling out a form on their website for a free quote.