Can a Mezzanine be Enclosed?

16 Mar 2021 Warehouse Equipment

A mezzanine is a great option for many warehouses and industrial facilities that want to add storage and production space. In some instances, mezzanines can also be used to add office or storage space to a large facility. This can be achieved through the use of a fully or partially enclosed mezzanine system. These systems feature walls and windows on top of or under the mezzanine to create a separate room in an open facility.

When asking if a mezzanine can be enclosed, there are several factors to consider and elements to account for. That is why them team at Commander Warehouse has compiled a list of key considerations for enclosed mezzanines. To learn more about the types of mezzanines, their accessibility requirements, and which type is right for your facility, reach out to one of their locations or fill out their online contact form. Their team will work with you to provide the perfect solution for your needs.

Key Considerations for Enclosed Mezzanines

When choosing an enclosed mezzanine system, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. Thinking of these elements and preparing for them is a great way to ensure that your enclosed mezzanine has everything you need to get the job done right.

The Purpose of the Mezzanine

What will this enclosed mezzanine be used for? This is an element that must be considered to ensure that it is set up properly for its intended purpose. Enclosed mezzanines are commonly used as offices or administrative areas for warehouses, but they can also be used to store high-value products or company equipment. If the space is meant to serve as an office, it will need desks and outlets for computers. For storage purposes, the space will require shelving and enough space to safely move products as needed.

Windows and Lighting

Adding walls to a mezzanine drastically reduces the amount of natural or ambient light that can enter the space. To ensure optimal lighting and safety, it is important to place windows or clear panels in key locations of the mezzanine. For operations with little to no natural light, it may make sense to install light fixtures to ensure the safety of personnel entering the enclosed mezzanine.

Electrical Requirements

If an enclosed mezzanine is used as an office or storage area, it will likely require electrical outlets and proper wiring. It is important to account for the number of required outlets and lights prior to construction to reduce the need for future revisions/additions. Please note that electrical codes and requirements vary based on region, facility type, and application.

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