Can I Install My Own New Light Fixtures?

12 Sep 2019 Licensed Electrician

As with any job that needs to be done that relates to electrical work, light fixture installations should only be performed by confident, experienced individuals. In many cases, the wiring system involved with installing a light fixture can be complicated and the fixture may need structural support. For this reason, if you ever need to ask the question “can I install my own new light fixtures?” then you should always contact a licensed electrician, like the ones at Expert Electric, to find out the best way to safely complete your unique job.

Installing your own Light Fixture

In some cases, a light fixture is a simple job that can be done by an individual with a basic knowledge of electrical systems. If you have never done any kind of electrical installation or you have any questions about light fixture installation procedures, always call an electrician rather than attempting to learn on the job. When installed improperly, electrical systems can cause fires or electrocution.

In order to install a new light fixture in your home, observe the following steps:

1.     Turn Off the Power Supply

The first step to any electrical work is to cut power to the circuit being worked on. This means shutting off the breaker that is connected to the light fixture being replaced.

2.     Remove the Old Light Fixture

Unfasten the current light fixture from its mount. This will usually require a screwdriver.

3.     Disconnect the Old Wires

Once the light fixture is free, you will be able to see the wires that attach to the fixture with some type of wire connector. The connector could be crimps, push-in connectors, or twist-on connectors. Disconnect the wires and move the old light fixture to a safe place.

4.     Connect the New Wires

Bring out the new light fixture and match the differently coloured wires to the wires hanging from the ceiling using the provided connector system.

5.     Mount the New Fixture

Attach the new light fixture to the ceiling mount using screws, bolts, or whatever other style of hardware is provided.

6.     Turn on the Power

At this time, you can install light bulbs and turn the breaker back on. Be sure to listen for any sounds that could denote improper installation.

Light Fixture Installations with Expert Electric

The licensed and experienced electricians from Expert Electric offer all kinds of lighting installation services for homes across BC. Whether you require lighting design and maintenance services or a simple fixture installation, no job is too small for our qualified electricians. Make sure that your home is safe at all times with the proper light fixture installations.

If you would like to find more about whether or not you can install your own light fixtures, or if you are interested in our suite of electrical services for homeowners, please contact Expert Electric or fill out a contact form on our website.