Can You Put Fish in a Swim Pond?

9 Mar 2021 Water Features

Fish can be added to most recreational swim ponds and natural pools. It is even encouraged to do so for larger ponds as they can assist with ecosystem balance and water cleanliness. Despite these benefits, there are several factors to consider when adding fish such as koi, mosquito fish, and goldfish to a pond. Additional maintenance and work will be required for those that wish to incorporate fish into their pond. The team at Fontana Ponds and Water Features is happy to assist with this by providing expertise and knowledge. We will work with you to help your swim pond thrive.

Tips for Adding Fish to A Swim Pond

With the right knowledge and proper planning, any pond owner can enjoy the full benefits of a swim pond inhabited by fish. Performing the following actions will result in a sustainable balance that will allow for the addition of fish to nearly any swim pond.

Keep the water clean.

As is the case with any recreational pool or swimming pond, keeping the water clean is a top priority. Failure to do so can result in extended cleaning labor and maintenance or damage to the natural ecosystem of a swim pond. A dirty swimming pond can even lead to the untimely death of any fish currently inhabiting the water. Another factor to note is that the presence of fish in a pond will lead to fish excrement, further dirtying the water. Swim ponds and natural pools can be kept clean via biological filters, water gardens, and the fish inhabiting them.

Maintain a healthy fish population.

Though many types of fish can be added to a swim pond, it is important to maintain a healthy, balanced population. Overpopulation can lead to the death of the aqua garden due to the lack of zooplankton and an excess of fish excrement. On the other hand, underpopulation can lead to an excess of algae that can be harmful to fish. A balanced fish population is important for any swim pond. It is also important to consider the types of fish being added to the pond and how they will interact.

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Create a balance between fish and the water garden.

In addition to balancing the fish population, it is important to consider the balance between fish and the water garden. Also known as an aqua garden or plant shelf, this pond feature consists of several florae and other plants that naturally filter the water. They are a crucial component of any swim pond and should be separated from fish where possible. As noted above, fish consume the insects and zooplankton these plants require for survival. A method of separation can be to have an aqua garden on one level of a swim pond while keeping fish in a lower level. Some submerged plants can be added to the fish area of the pond, but the plants in other areas will act to keep the water clean.

If you would like to learn more about adding fish to your swim pond, feel free to contact the experts at Fontana Ponds and Water Features. Our team is always happy to provide advice and knowledge for your swim pond.