Car Wraps vs. Paint Jobs

29 Oct 2019 Vinyl Wraps

As a vinyl wrapping company, it may seem like we, at Wrap Guys America, are a bit biased regarding car wraps vs. paint jobs; however, there is a reason that car wraps are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to painting a vehicle. Although there are benefits to painting a vehicle, car wraps are able to provide value in many ways that paint jobs cannot. It is important to be aware of the benefits and differences between car wraps and paint jobs when making this decision, and our seasoned vinyl wrap installers can ensure that you end up with the option that is best for you.

Car Wrap vs Paint Job

The Benefits of Car Wraps vs. Paint Jobs

There are many reasons to go with a car wrap over a paint job for your vehicle. Some of these reasons include:

Car Wraps are More Durable

Because they are made of 3M scratch-resistant vinyl, vehicle wraps can take a beating that paint jobs cannot. While a paint job can chip, scratch, and ding, a vinyl wrap will resist such damages.

Vinyl Wraps Protect Your Investment

While getting a paint job can often decrease the value of your vehicle, a vinyl wrap can help to maintain the value. This is because the wrap that you install can protect the vehicle and keep it closer to its original condition. A vinyl wrap can protect the paint from damage, extreme weather conditions, and harmful UV rays.

Vinyl Wraps are Cost-Effective

When comparing the cost of a vinyl wrap with the cost of a paint job, vinyl wraps are usually less expensive. Sometimes, this is not the case, as the materials and the type of wrap being installed can make a difference.

Vinyl Wraps can be More Intricate

If you are planning on using your car for business, a vinyl wrap can have an intricate and eye-catching logo or branded design that allows your vehicle to function as a mobile billboard. It can be difficult and time consuming to paint a car anything other than a solid colour, while a vehicle wrap can be printed to display nearly anything you want it to.

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