Choosing the Right Mulch

19 Sep 2019 Landscape Supplies

Choosing the right mulch for your garden can make all the difference when it comes to creating a lush garden space. At Just Mulch, they understand how important it is to choose the best mulch for your particular gardening needs. That is why they offer a range of mulch and soil products that are ideal for a variety of different garden types.

Types of Mulch

Some of the different types of mulch that are available for you to choose from include:

Mineral Mulches

Mineral mulches are a great option for gardens that could benefit from weed suppression, as mineral mulches like rocks, gravel, and pebbles allow water, fertilizer, and oxygen to penetrate the soil, while also deterring weeds from growing; however, when using mineral mulches, it is important to use a landscape fabric underneath to prevent the mulch from working down into the soil. Make sure to use one to two inches of mineral mulch in an ornamental garden or walkway, leaving a three-inch space around the base of any plant, tree, or shrub.

Hull Mulches

Hull mulches are made from the by-products of certain types of crops such as buckwheat, cotton, or cocoa. This type of mulch tends to be more expensive than other mulches and can easily blow away in strong winds due to being lightweight. When using hull mulches in your garden, make sure to spread a layer about two inches deep before raking the hulls out evenly and lightly stamping them down to prevent them from blowing away.

Bark Mulches

Bark mulches are a by-product of milled pine, fir, spruce, or redwood logs and are best used around trees, shrubs, and perennials where the soil is not regularly cultivated to plant seeds. Smaller-sized bark mulch chips should be applied one to two inches deep, while larger-sized chips should be applied three to four inches deep. It is also important to note that bark mulch should be kept at least six inches away from tree trunks.

Organic Mulches

Organic mulches can consist of anything from straw to yard waste, from shredded leaves to shredded newspaper. This type of mulch is most commonly used in vegetable gardens, so it is important to carefully select the type of organic mulch that will work best for the particular plants being grown.

If you would like to learn more about choosing the right mulch for your garden, or if you are interested in one of their mulch products, please contact the experts from Just Mulch today by calling 236-98-MULCH or by filling out a contact form on their website.