How to Clean for an Open House

19 Feb 2019 Cleaning Services

If you are opening up your home to the public with the intention of finding a buyer, it is vital that the home make a good first impression. The cleanliness of the home will go a long way in creating desirability, so make sure that you know how to clean for an open house. There are many small details that can help push a person who is merely speculating into becoming a buyer. At Urban Life Cleaning, they live for these details and they have a wealth of experience in pre-listing cleaning to help clients prepare to host open houses.

Cleaning for an Open House

When cleaning for an open house, try to keep the following cleaning tips in mind:

  • It is beneficial to look at the home through unbiased eyes. Many people get used to certain aspects of their home that have grown dull with age, but a potential homebuyer can often spot these details right away. Look at the home as if you were a buyer and try to spot details like grout, baseboards, mouldings, and drains that might need special attention.
  • Write up a cleaning checklist so that nothing is forgotten. Divide the list into sections that cover each room of the home. Ensure that the laundering of all linens and bedclothes are included in this list.
  • Before beginning the actual cleaning checklist, make sure that all clutter is removed and stored to open up the space as much as possible, and move any furniture that makes the space feel tight or closed off.
  • Try to remove any trace of pet ownership from the home. Arrange for a friend or family member to take care of your pets and store any dishes, toys, or beds that are a reminder that pets live in the home. It is fine to be honest with people about pets living on the premises, but people do not need reminders of the fact.

Why Hire a Professional Cleaner Before an Open House

When cleaning for an open house, receiving input from an experienced professional cleaner who knows which fine points might need special attention can be extremely helpful. Professional cleaning services can give you peace of mind in knowing that no details will be missed and that the colours and finishes in your home will be properly reinvigorated.

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