How to Clean Murky Pond Water

15 Aug 2019 Landscape Services

Having a backyard pond is a great way to add value to your property and relax in nature. With the proper tools and knowledge, these ponds can be easy to maintain. One of the most common problems that they, at Fontana Landscapes, run into with ponds is murky or unbalanced pond water. For this reason, they always try to educate their clients on how to clean murky pond water whenever they install any kind of pond.

Causes of Murky Pond Water

There are many reasons that pond water might become murky or cloudy. Most of the time, low visibility in pond water is caused by organic and inorganic particulates being stirred up and suspended in the water. This can occur due to a variety of factors, such as rainfall, overly active fish or mud animals, lawn runoff from watering, and swimmers. In other cases, cloudy water could be due to an imbalanced ecosystem or algae blooms. This is most frequently the case with new ponds or ponds which have recently had new life introduced to them.

How to Clean Cloudy Pond Water

It is important to remember that, in most cases, murky pond water is not bad for a pond ecosystem’s health. Clarity of water is more of an aesthetic concern than it is a health concern and, in many cases, pond clouding is a natural part of the pond’s life cycle. Consult a professional before attempting to clear up pond water on your own to ensure that you are not doing more damage than good.

In many situations, murky, dirty, or cloudy pond water will settle and clean itself in a few days or weeks. This is often the best way to deal with murkiness that is caused by runoff or water that has been stirred up by rain or wildlife. If the cloudiness of the pond’s water has been caused by other issues, the solution will depend on the cause. Test the pond for the levels of pH, nitrates, ammonia, and KH.

Algae Blooms

The simplest solution for clouded pond water due to algae is to install a UV clarifier. These devices sit just beneath the pond’s surface and kill algae with UV light and they are completely safe for any animal inhabitants.

Sludge and Debris

If your pond is murky, it could be due to an excess of sludge and decomposing organic matter. In some cases, a simple pond skimmer or net can help to prevent this from occurring. These options will require frequent care and cleaning, so a preferable option for many people is to install oxygenating plant life. Building a filtering plant shelf can often make a big difference in a pond’s clarity.

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