Commercial Construction vs Industrial Construction

24 Sep 2020 Custom Building

While commercial construction and industrial construction have some obvious similarities, these two types of building construction often present their own unique set of challenges and will differ based on the type of project being completed. At Twin Maple Construction, they know how important it is to understand the differences between commercial construction and industrial construction so that you can ensure that you are hiring the best company for the job.

Differences Between Commercial & Industrial Construction

Some of the main differences between commercial construction and industrial construction include:

1. Site Planning and Considerations

Before starting a commercial construction or industrial construction project, it is important to first start with a detailed analysis of the physical environment by looking at the location, traffic patterns, site size, and lot boundaries. Commercial sites will often rely on retail traffic and will need to be easily accessible, while industrial sites tend to be located in more specialized areas and are often built farther away from main roadways and residential areas to allow for noise and other pollutants.

2. Building Design and Floorplan

Most commercial buildings tend to be built for service-based businesses. This means that the floorplan will need to be designed to maximize space for tenants, while also allowing for easy foot traffic from one part of the building to the next. The design of a commercial building will also take the building’s interior and exterior aesthetics into consideration in order to ensure that it looks appealing to potential customers.

On the other hand, the design and floorplan for an industrial building tends to be more focused on creating a functional space for manufacturing and product distribution. When it comes to working on an industrial project, logistics for efficient production and safety standards will usually outweigh aesthetics.

3. Infrastructure Systems

While both commercial and industrial buildings require access to infrastructure systems that are different from residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings will also require different systems from each other. The infrastructure in commercial buildings will often be designed to operate according to the tenants’ needs, while industrial building systems will be geared more towards being able to support heavy equipment and can often require specialized installations for keeping up with the demand of production and industry regulations.

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