Common Outboard Motor Problems

12 Mar 2020 Marine Services

There are many common outboard motor problems that boat owners will often encounter, and it is good to know the nature of these problems so that you are prepared to find a solution as painlessly as possible. At Bridgeview Marine, each of their locations are equipped to deal with a variety of boat repair and maintenance issues to ensure that you are able to get your boat on the water when you need it.

The Most Common Outboard Boat Motor Problems

One of the great things about outboard boat motors is that the entire system is contained in a neat and tidy apparatus that can be removed from the boat to be maintained and repaired when necessary. Due to the shape and structure of outboard motors, there are some commonly seen issues that boat owners can often run into. Some of the most common outboard motor problems include:

Motor Stalling When in Neutral

If your outboard motor stalls out when you idle your engine in neutral, it is likely that your automatic idle speed valve is broken or in need of maintenance. In such cases, the engine will usually start up without issue, but when it is brought back to an idle, it seems to choke out. This problem can be remedied by replacing the valve entirely.

Outboard Motor Overheating

An overheated engine can be incredibly bad and lead to a complete breakdown. If you find that your outboard motor keeps overheating, it is likely because there is an obstruction in the water intake. Outboard motors use water to keep cool and, if the motor sucked up some plants or other debris, it could be preventing the motor from cooling itself. Turn off the engine and check for signs of blockage or breakage on the water pump of the engine.

Boat Moving Slowly and Using Too Much Gas

If your boat is not getting up to speed even when you open up the throttle or if it is using too much gas, it is possible that there is a problem causing the propeller to not move properly. The most common cause for this is either debris wrapped around the propeller or a broken shear pin. Clean out the debris or replace the shear pin and the problem should be solved.

If you are interested in finding out more about common outboard motor problems and how to deal with them, or if you would like to learn more about the boat trailers, boats, or other products that they provide, please contact them or visit the location nearest to you.