Common Pallet Racking Mistakes to Avoid

21 May 2020 Warehouse Equipment

Getting to know some of the most common pallet racking mistakes to avoid will help you create a safer work environment. At Commander Warehouse, they understand how important it is to ensure that your employees are using pallet racking safely. That is why their team has put together a list on common pallet racking mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Climbing Pallet Racks

In some cases, employees might try to save time by climbing pallet racks to access equipment or products. While this might be convenient for employees, the racks are not designed for climbing and the pallet racking system can give way under a person’s weight or might have hazards, such as protruding nails, which could cause injuries.

2. Overloading Pallet Racking Systems

Since pallet racking systems have specific weight limits and loading capacities, it is important to ensure that you know the pallet racking’s capacities before loading them. In the event that you cannot find the weight capacities posted on the system, make sure to check the manufacturer’s specs. It is also always best to store the heaviest loads on the lower levels and the lightest loads on the higher levels.

3. Not Preventing Pallet Rack Damage

Since pallet racking systems tend to be subjected to all kinds of abuse in the workplace, it is important to try to prevent and reduce pallet racking damage from forklifts and other hazards. Make sure to take the environment of your facility into consideration when coming up with a damage prevention plan.

4. Purchasing Used Racking on Impulse

Used pallet racking systems can often be a lot more affordable than buying new pallet racks; however, while used racking might look good on the surface, it may also have underlying problems. Before you decide to buy used pallet racking, make sure to inspect it thoroughly for any issues that might cause problems down the road.

5. Only Buying What You Need

Most business owners tend to purchase only what they need in the moment without considering how the business will expand in the future, which often causes them to buy a brand-new system after a few years. Consider taking the time to plan ahead and to think about how the pallet racking will suit your business now and long into the future.

If you would like to learn more common pallet racking mistakes to avoid, or if you are interested in one of their pallet racking systems, please contact Commander Warehouse at one of their four locations across Western Canada or by filling out a contact form on their website.