Common Pond Maintenance Problems

25 Feb 2021 Water Features

Ponds are a great way to bring life to your garden or backyard. To create a scenic pond, you will need to take care of it and perform regular maintenance; however, you are likely to experience some maintenance problems with your pond that can affect its overall visual appeal and functionality. It is important to be aware of these common issues and how to deal with them to ensure your pond stays healthy and attractive.

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Some of the most common pond maintenance problems that you will need to look out for include:

1. Overgrown Plants

Plants in a pond are beneficial for their inhabitants. They provide shelter and feeding areas for fish; however, this can become a problem when the plant’s growth gets out of control, making it hard for the fish to swim and to live within the pond.

2. Dirty Water

If you notice that the water in your pond is becoming dirty, this may be due to erosion of soil within the pond or waste from its inhabitants. To clean dirty pond water, you should first start by removing the pond’s inhabitants. You will then be able to safely drain the water from the pond and replace it with clean water.

3. Dead Fish

It is incredibly common for fish in a pond to die because of disease or oxygen depletion. While fish will die eventually due to natural causes, if you notice that a lot of your fish are dying at the same time, you should talk to an expert about how to best resolve the problem.

4. Still Water

Still water is another common pond maintenance problem that is likely to draw mosquitoes to your pond. Mosquitoes lay eggs in still water rather than in moving water. To eliminate this problem, you should install pumps in your pond to keep the water moving.

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5. Water Loss

Unknown to most pond owners, ponds tend to leak as a result of various issues like debris buildup, evaporation, or a leaky liner. If you are losing water in your pond, you should call a professional like the ones from Fontana Ponds and Water Features to identify where the hole is and to restore your pond to like-new condition.

If you would like to learn more about some of the most common pond maintenance problems, or if you are dealing with a pond maintenance problem that you need help resolving, get in touch with the professional team from Fontana Ponds & Water Features today. Our dedicated team members would love to help you keep your pond looking beautiful all year long.