Common Self-Storage Mistakes to Avoid

25 Jan 2022 Self Storage

From moving to decluttering, there are many reasons to utilize self-storage for your belongings. While renting a unit is often a straightforward and simple process, organizing and optimizing it is often far more complex. To maximize the amount of storage space in your unit and ensure that your items are kept safe, there are several considerations to keep in mind. As leading providers of quality storage unit rentals, the team at LoknStore knows how important proper organization is for all types of users. That is why they have compiled a list of common self-storage mistakes to avoid when organizing your unit.

Learn how to organize a self-storage unit.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Self-Storage

The following mistakes are among the most common when it comes to self storage and should be avoided whenever possible:

1. Starting Without a Plan

If you start to load your storage unit without a plan, you will quickly run out of space and increase the risk of damaging items. Before loading your storage unit, be sure to create a plan that outlines where each item or box will be stored. Numbering boxes and creating an inventory list will help you locate specific items should you need them in the future, cutting down on time spent searching and opening boxes. When organizing your unit, it is also important to plan for access space to ensure that you can retrieve an item without needing to dig out multiple boxes or pieces of furniture.

2. Choosing the Wrong Unit Size

While it may be tempting to choose a smaller unit to save money, this is rarely a good idea. When it comes to self storage units, you will often need more space than you think to store your belongings. This is especially true when storing every item in your home. Be sure to speak with an employee at your self-storage provider or use an online space calculator to determine which size of unit will be best for you.

3. Using Poor Packing Materials

When packing items in boxes, many people use crumpled newspapers to keep their belongings safe. While this can work for short-term storage, newspaper is a poor choice for long-term storage as it can deteriorate over time and the ink can bleed onto your belongings. If you will be storing your items for a while, be sure to use bubble wrap or foam sheets to protect them.

4. Improper Stacking and Damaging Items

When organizing your storage unit, it is important to keep heavy items near the back and on the ground whenever possible. Stacking a heavy item on top of a box or lighter item can cause it to become crushed over time. This can also lead to stacks tipping over and colliding with other items, causing further damage.

To learn more about optimizing your self-storage unit or to inquire about their storage unit rentals, get in touch with the team at LoknStore. They can be reached through their online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.