Common Technology Implementation Problems

19 Mar 2020 IT Services

Getting to know some of the most common technology implementation problems will help you better prepare for updating your business’ technology. At Danory Digital Consulting, they understand how important it is to ensure that your business’ technology is being setup properly. That is why their professional team will work closely with you to ensure that any new technology is being implemented to the highest standards.

1. Aligning People and Processes with Technology

Implementing the latest technology just because it is new or popular without giving much thought to the people who will be using it is one of the biggest technology implementation problems a company can face. Before installing new technology, it is important to consider what the end-user benefits will be. If there are none, employees will have a harder time adapting to the new technology and sticking with it.

It is also important to ensure that any new technology that is being installed should be able to integrate into the existing business processes without causing a large disruption. Consider focusing on implementing smaller solutions rather than trying to find one tool to solve every single problem to help minimize the amount of training needed.

2. Potential Security Vulnerabilities

While using outdated and unsupported technology can lead to a range of different risks, it is important to keep in mind that implementing new technology also brings some security risks. When implementing new technology for your business, make sure to make cybersecurity a top priority to help protect your business from becoming open to threats that were not a problem before.

3. Not Training Staff on the New Technology Properly

Even technology that is considered to be user friendly will still require training time for employees. Since not everyone can easily adapt to using new technology, taking the time to train employees will help eliminate any costly first-time user mistakes.

4. Not Anticipating the Needs of Users

Before implementing new technology, make sure that it does not replicate technology that you already have in place. Consider investing in new technology that anticipates the needs and wants of your customers, so that you can stay ahead of the competition in your industry.

If you would like to learn more common technology implementation problems, or if you need help implementing new technology for your business, please contact Danory Digital Consulting at 604-371-0714 or by filling out a contact form on their website.