Common Uses for Rough Terrain Cranes in Red Deer

9 Jul 2020 Mobile Cranes

Rough terrain cranes are incredibly useful when it comes to a variety of hoisting jobs that take place on precarious ground. Whether you are installing gas pipelines, a grain silo, or wind turbines, rough terrain cranes can help to navigate your difficult jobsite to get the task at hand completed efficiently. At TNT Crane & Rigging, we know that there are many common uses for rough terrain cranes in Red Deer and the surrounding area, and our experience equips us to tackle any rough terrain crane job.

How are Rough Terrain Cranes Commonly Used in Red Deer?

Due to the amount of unpaved countryside neighbouring the city of Red Deer, it is common for rough terrain cranes to be required to execute hoisting operations in the surrounding area. Many different tasks require that equipment be hoisted and moved across job sites, and the stability and maneuverability of rough terrain cranes make this a possibility. Some of the most common uses for rough terrain cranes in the Red Deer area include:

Oil and Gas Pipelines

Oil and gas pipelines are often laid in areas with difficult terrain in the countryside surrounding Red Deer. For this reason, rough terrain cranes are usually the hoisting equipment of choice for these jobs.

Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are often erected in areas around Red Deer that are off the beaten path to the point that conventional vehicles are not able to get to the location at which they are being installed. Rough terrain cranes are able to get the parts to where they need to be and safely lift them into place.

Agricultural Equipment

Rough terrain cranes are incredibly maneuverable, which is important in the agriculture industry. When installing new pieces of agricultural equipment, it is important to be able to navigate the tight quarters that are often present on farms.

Tilt-Up Construction

Although many tilt-up construction jobs take place on fairly level ground, there are often tight turns and small spaces that are difficult for many types of cranes to navigate. Because many types of rough terrain cranes have four wheel drive and four wheel steering, it is possible for these cranes to get into and move around in spaces in which other vehicles cannot.

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