How Much Does It Cost to Update Electrical Wiring in an Old House?

11 Jul 2019 Licensed Electrician

When it comes to home electrical systems, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you live in an old house, it is worth looking into whether or not you might need to replace your wiring in order to protect your home. At Expert Electric, they know how much it costs to update the electrical wiring of an old house as well as how big of an undertaking it can be, which is why their certified electricians always strive to ensure that the process is completed as quickly and non-invasively as possible.

The Cost of Rewiring an Old Home

Although rewiring a home is a large job, the cost of rewiring an old home is usually far cheaper than the price of repairing a home due to an electrical fire, which can be incredibly common with old wiring systems. The cost of rewiring a home can have a massive range depending on a variety of factors, including:

Square Footage

The larger the home is, the more the rewiring job will cost. A home with more square footage will require more materials and work to rewire, so consider the size of the old home when looking into rewiring it.

Methods Used to Access Wiring

There are various ways to rewire a home. One option is to remove drywall to access the wires all at once, but this method is invasive, expensive, and time consuming. Another less expensive option is to make small, strategic cuts and fish the wires through the walls, ceiling, and floor. If a home has an unfinished basement, it is often possible to run the wires through the old home’s floor joists.

Quality of New Materials

In order to ensure that the new electrical system lasts as long as possible, it is important to use high-quality materials that can support a wide range of appliances. This is also a good opportunity to install a few upgrades, such as USB outlets, new light fixtures, additional power sources, or different heating options, all of which will influence the price of the electrical upgrade.

Electrician Hired

One of the biggest influencing factors of how much it costs to rewire an old home is the electrician hired to do the job. Make sure that you do your research and that the electrician you bring in has experience doing home renovations and that they will do a good job to save you from future expenses.

To learn more about how much it costs to update electrical wiring in an old house, or to discuss any of their residential or commercial services, contact Expert Electric at 604-681-8338. Their certified electricians help with electrical projects of every size all across BC.