Crane Rentals for Bridge Construction and Maintenance

13 Apr 2021 Mobile Cranes

Though commonly used for the construction of large buildings, cranes are also a vital part of bridge construction and upkeep. At Stampede Crane & Rigging, they provide a full selection of mobile crane rentals for bridge construction and maintenance. This allows them to provide you with the perfect rental(s) for your specific site requirements and project timeline. Whether you need a hydraulic all-terrain unit or a rugged crawler crane, their rentals provide a timely, cost-effective, and hassle-free solution for your site. To demonstrate how a crane rental can be used for bridge construction and maintenance, their team has compiled a list of common uses.

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How a Crane Rental can be Used for Bridges

Crane rentals can be used for the following tasks during bridge construction and maintenance:

Substructure and Superstructure Construction

After the substructure of the bridge has been constructed, a crane rental can be used to safely maneuver the substructure and superstructure into place. This process involves setting beams and culverts that other equipment cannot handle. A crane rental can also serve as a piece of access equipment by placing concrete and other heavy materials in areas that vehicles and other equipment cannot reach. This is common for tall pier bridges and other sites with limited access or great heights.

Shoring and Support

A crane rental can be used to set shoring in place for support during the construction of other parts of the bridge. Shoring can also be used during repairs and maintenance, making cranes a useful piece of equipment for every stage of the bridge building process.

Routine Maintenance and Repair Processes

A bridge will need to be maintained and repaired long after the initial construction to ensure that it remains safe. A crane rental can be used to assist with the following routine maintenance and repair processes:

  • Cleaning and removal of debris.
  • Railing repairs and deck patching.
  • Painting, coating, weatherproofing, and sealing.
  • Repairs for cracks and other damage.
  • Bearing system adjustments.
  • Sealing expansion joints.
  • Additional structural reinforcement or repairing existing systems.
  • Stream channel maintenance.
  • Erosion correction and protection.

Cranes can assist with these processes by transporting materials to areas that other equipment cannot reach. They work together with other equipment to ensure that every maintenance task is performed and completed correctly.

To learn more about how a crane rental can be used for bridge construction and maintenance, please reach out to your nearest Stampede Crane & Rigging location. Their experts will work with you to provide the perfect crane rental solution for your precise site requirements, project timeline, and budget.