Crane Rentals for Wind Energy Installations

9 Jul 2020 Mobile Cranes

Wind farms are a great source of power in Southern Alberta, but the procedure for installing them can be difficult without the right tools and equipment. Wind farms are typically installed in areas that are reasonably far away from populated, high-traffic areas to ensure that they get maximum wind exposure and do not interfere with daily life. For this reason, it is necessary to have cranes and other vehicles that are capable of navigating the rough terrain leading to wind farm locations in order to transport equipment and get it installed properly. At Stampede Crane & Rigging, we specialize in crane rentals for wind energy installations, and we are always prepared to take care of all hoisting involved in a wind farm setup.

What Kind of Cranes are Used for Wind Farm Installations?

Cranes are used for wind farm installations to help transport and set up equipment of all sizes. The type of crane required for the job at hand will depend on the size and weight of equipment being installed, whether or not the equipment needs to be transported to the jobsite, and the type of terrain being operated on. Some of the most common types of mobile cranes that are used for wind energy installations include:

Hydraulic All-Terrain Cranes

One of the most common types of cranes to see at a wind farm installation is a hydraulic all-terrain crane. Because these cranes are able to easily navigate many types of difficult ground that other vehicles cannot, they are useful in the types of locations common for wind farms. Hydraulic all-terrain cranes are also available with incredibly high weight capacities, making them useful for the large equipment involved in the wind energy industry.

Crawler Cranes

When ground is particularly treacherous to navigate, crawler cranes are the hoisting equipment to go with. Using treads rather than wheels, these cranes are able to move easily across slippery, unstable, or steep ground that other cranes would not be able to drive across. Crawler cranes also have high weight capacities, but they must be transported to and from jobsites.

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