Creative Wedding Reception Ideas

12 Nov 2020 Weddings

Why conform to traditional wedding reception ideas, when you can make yours a night to remember by creating an experience that is unique to your own style and taste? At InStyle Floor Wraps, they understand how important it is to have the wedding reception you have always dreamed of. That is why, in addition to providing custom dance floor wrap design services, they have put together a list of some of their favourite creative wedding reception ideas to help inspire you.

Find out what our favourite out-of-the-box wedding venue ideas are.

1. Create a Reception Lounge

Typically, when taking a break from dancing, guests will return to their assigned tables to chat and mingle. So, why not giving them somewhere a little more comfortable to congregate? Consider creating a lounge area at your reception by filling a designated space with couches, chairs, and pillows.

2. Change Up Guest Transportation

If your wedding ceremony and reception will be held at different locations, consider making the journey from one location to the next part of the fun by utilizing unique modes of transportation, such as hot air balloon rides, trolley cars, or horse drawn carriages.

3. Have a DIY Flower Station

Provide your guests with a do-it-yourself flower station where they can create their own corsage or boutonniere. Make sure to put out sturdy flowers like roses and mums, lots of colourful ribbons, and pins, as well as easy-to-follow-instructions.

4. Provide Activities for Children

If there will be children attending your wedding reception, make it easier for them to join in the celebration by giving them wedding related colouring sheets and crayons to keep them entertained throughout the night. Depending on the location of the reception, you could also incorporate games that would be fun for both kids and adults, such as croquette, bocce ball, or badminton.

5. Utilize Ribbon Wands

Rather than having your guests throw rice or confetti as you leave the reception at the end of the night, consider having them send you off with ribbon wands. Give your guests the ribbon wands early in the night so that they can have fun with them on the dance floor as well.

6. Incorporate Animals

Depending on the location of your wedding reception and what the overall theme is, consider incorporating baby animals into the reception. Baby goats and sheep would make the perfect guests at a barn wedding, while puppies and kittens can help brighten up any indoor wedding space.

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