Custom Farmhouse Design Ideas

17 Dec 2020 Custom Building

If you are hoping to design your own custom farmhouse, it can help to start putting together some design ideas from professional builders and home designers. There are many different ways to lay out a farmhouse and plenty of design elements to consider, but there are a few basic design ideas that should be considered for most families building a custom home on a farm. At Northwest Construction, we have a long history in both custom home building and agricultural construction, and our close relationships with BC’s farmers has equipped us to help create the best custom farm homes for our clients.

Design Ideas for Custom Homes on Farms

Designing a custom home can be a massive undertaking, so it is good to know what elements you want to include as you get started. There are many design elements that can be included to give the new home a more established farmhouse style. Farmhouse design elements could include:

  • Warm colours
  • Shiplap walls
  • Wood accents
  • Reclaimed wood furniture
  • Natural light and big windows
  • Exposed beams
  • Antique fixtures

While most of these elements can be incorporated throughout your home during the finishing phases of the build, there are many other components of design, such as the floorplan, that need to be planned well in advance of the home being built. Some floorplan design ideas for farmhouses include:

Open Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen is one of the areas of the home in which people spend the most time, especially in farmhouses. Having an open-concept kitchen and oversized dining area ensures that nobody is isolated and helps to make this high-use area of the home more comfortable and convenient.

Mud Rooms

Having an area to shake off the outdoors before entering the rest of the house can help to keep the home clean and contain messes. Mud rooms are a great place to store jackets, shoes, pet supplies, and anything else that has a relationship to the outdoors. These rooms also function well as laundry rooms.

Massive Porches

Having a large sitting porch is a hallmark of a farmhouse. Wrap-around decks, multi-level decks, and big front or back porches are great for entertaining or simply relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. It is also a great design idea to have plenty of access points to the patios through different parts of the house, including bedrooms and other living areas.

Wood Fire Heating

Wood fireplaces and even wood burning furnaces are still common in custom farm homes. The abundance of lumber present on most farms in BC makes for a great source of heat. Brick fireplaces are another hallmark of classic farmhouses.

If you would like to learn more custom farmhouse design ideas, or to find out about the services offered by Northwest Construction, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss your ideas for your next home.