Custom Home Design Trends for 2019

30 Jul 2019 Custom Building

Keeping up with the latest custom home design trends for 2019 can help you create a home that is both highly functional and completely current. At Jaheny Custom Builders, they can help you create a high-end, luxury home that not only appeals to your sense of style but also incorporates the best trends 2019 has to offer. Some of the top custom home design trends to keep in mind include:

1. Minimalistic Designs

Taking a minimalistic approach to the interior and exterior design of your custom home can be a great way to create a timeless appeal. Since minimalism combines functionality with clean aesthetics, this custom home design trend will never go out of style. In order to give your custom home a minimalistic design, make sure to design each room to incorporate a well-lit, airy feel and to avoid creating areas of the room that can easily become cluttered.

2. Monochromatic Colour Schemes

Using a monochromatic colour scheme, such as pairing stark whites with dark finishes or a pop of your favourite colour, can create a visually appealing contrast in any space. Consider using this colour scheme on anything from walls, flooring, and even decor pieces. If you are wanting to use a pop of colour in the space but are not a fan of bright colours, opting for a pastel colour can still create the same visual appeal but with greater subtlety.

3. Unconventional Finishes

Unconventional finishes for everything from kitchen countertops to bathroom fittings will be a dominant custom home design trend in 2019. Hardware finishes in brass, rose gold, and black will also continue to become increasingly popular.

4. Smart Home Technology

One of the biggest custom home design trends that will continue to influence current home designs is smart home technology. New homeowners are embracing home automation for everything from lighting to air conditioning and security systems. Smart home technology is the perfect trend for environmentally conscious homeowners, as it can help make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable.

5. Environmentally Friendly Designs

Similar to using smart home technology to be more energy efficient, more and more custom homes are being built to reflect an environmentally friendly design by incorporating green building materials, as well as green spaces around the home. Having an abundance of greenery both indoors and outdoors will ensure fresh air while also creating a relaxing ambience in your living space.

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