Custom Warehouse Mezzanine Installation

30 Jul 2020 Warehouse Equipment

A mezzanine can be incredibly useful for many different types of facilities. Whether you are looking to expand your warehouse space for storage, add in extra workspace, or make a new stock processing area, mezzanines can help to improve your effectiveness and efficiency. At Unitran Manufacturers, we offer custom warehouse mezzanine design services for all kinds of industries and facilities and our mezzanine systems are commonly used in warehouses.

Designing a Custom Warehouse Mezzanine System

When designing a custom mezzanine system for a warehouse, it is important to consider a couple of variables in order to ensure that the mezzanine is as optimized for its intended functions as possible. Some of the things to keep in mind include:

What is the Mezzanine Intended For?

The most important thing to keep in mind when designing a mezzanine is its intended purpose. Although most warehouse mezzanines are used for storage, it is also common for them to be used as processing areas, workshop spaces or even as makeshift offices. Whatever the mezzanine is going to be used for will make a difference on how different aspects will be designed, including access points, railing and gate systems, and much more.

Where is it Being Installed?

Custom mezzanine systems can be made to fit in just about any space with the right planning. Knowing what kind of obstructions might be in the way of an installation, the height of the warehouse ceiling, and the amount of space that is available for stairs or ladders can make a difference in how the mezzanine is designed.

Will the Mezzanine be Permanent?

If the mezzanine will be a permanent fixture, it will require a different design than if it is meant to be moved if the warehouse operation ever changes facilities. Some custom mezzanine designs are made to be easier to set up and take down than others and, while these mezzanines are usually less robust than their permanent alternatives, they can be a great option for a warehouse that is operating in rented space.

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