Data Protection Tips for Small Businesses

27 Apr 2021 IT Services

In today’s online world, businesses of all sizes create, collect, and store important data for customers, products, and employees. Whether you are a small accounting company, a computer repair shop, or another type of small business, you likely have data that needs to be protected. As leading providers of data protection solutions, the team at EC Managed IT understands why data security is important for businesses. That is why their team has provided a list of data protection tips for small businesses that can be used for nearly any industry or type of service.

How Small Businesses Can Protect Their Data

Nearly every business creates, gathers, and stores data during their daily operation (performing services, making purchases, tracking expenses, etc.). To ensure that this data is safe from hackers or corruption, it is worth starting and maintaining the following practices:

Secure Your Wireless Network

Wireless networks are a prime target for hackers. This is especially true for unsecured public connections and networks with simple passwords. Even if your business network uses a standard encryption key, this is often not enough. Utilize the strongest encryption setting in your router and disable the broadcasting function to make your network invisible to anyone except you and your employees. A combination of a VPN and antivirus software is another great method of keeping your network information and data secure from hackers, ransomware, and other threats.

Perform Regular Audits

Regular security audits are a great method of assessing the information you have, how it flows, and identifying who has access to it. Having this information on hand can allow you to see potential security risks or areas where your systems can be improved. An audit can also ensure that you are still complying with current data and privacy legislation.

Ensure Your Data is Backed up

Consistent data backups are crucial in the event that your data is compromised, lost, or corrupted. Backing your data up to a cloud-based server or copying data to external hard drives are both great methods of keeping your vital data safe. To ensure that your data is consistently secure and backed up, consider outsourcing your data protection to security experts like EC Managed IT.

For more information on data protection and other IT services for small businesses, get in touch with the team at EC Managed IT. They can be reached through their online contact form and will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.