Dedicated Computer Circuits for Home Offices

12 Nov 2020 Licensed Electrician

A staple of any modern office is a good computer system. Whether you use the computer for managing all aspects of your business or simple communications every once in a while, it is usually a central aspect of any home office setup. In many cases, it can be important to have a dedicated computer circuit for home offices that have a lot of electronic equipment. If you are planning out your home office, it can be worth contacting a residential electrician with experience in home office installations.

What is a Dedicated Computer Circuit?

Many of the rooms and larger, more power-consuming features in your home are on independent circuits that go directly to the electrical box. Circuits will often be labelled so that you can tell the difference between the circuit for a bedroom, entertainment centre, oven, or other electrical circuit. A dedicated computer circuit is a line of power that is completely set aside for your home office’s computer setup.

Why Have a Dedicated Computer Circuit in Your Home Office?

There are many reasons that it is beneficial to plan ahead and make sure that you have a dedicated computer circuit in your home office. Some of these reasons include:

Surge Protection

Computers include a lot of finely tuned electronic components, and power surges can reduce their lifespan or completely fry their circuitry. Small power surges happen all the time and can be detrimental to a computer’s health. While larger power surges are less common, if one does occur it can destroy a computer. A built-in surge protector can stabilize smaller surges and block larger ones by cutting off the flow of power.

Power Supply

Some computer systems pull large amounts of power and should not be set up on the same circuit as other electronics in the room. Having a dedicated computer circuit in your home office can ensure that your computer gets the power it needs without blowing a breaker.

Having a Power Backup

It is important to have a temporary power backup set with your computer system in case there is a power outage. The power for your computer is run through a power backup system in order to maintain a charge. When the power goes out, your computer will begin to pull from the power backup in order to give you time to save your work or, if the power backup is large enough, finish up with some necessary tasks.

Having a dedicated computer circuit for your home office can help you to remain productive and improve safety for your resources. Make sure that you talk to a qualified electrician like the ones at Expert Electric if you think this might be something you need for your office.