Design Ideas for Office Lighting

3 Dec 2020 Licensed Electrician

Office lighting is well known for being a bit depressing, but this does not need to be the case. While fluorescent lights have been a mainstay of office lighting setups for many years, there are more options available that can be used to liven up an office space. Whether you are doing a tenant improvement and need to look at large-scale lighting options or you want some simple design ideas for office lighting to make some quick adjustments to how your workspace looks, the team at Expert Electric can help with our array of commercial lighting services.

Lighting Design Ideas for Offices

Ultimately, the type of lighting that you should incorporate into your office will depend on the purpose of the room, the type of work that you need illuminated, the overall aesthetic of your space, and your own personal preference. Whether you are redesigning lighting for a small office or a large complex, talking to an electrician can ensure that you are aware of your options and give you the chance to go with a deeper and more comprehensive new lighting setup. Some ideas to consider for office lighting include:

Creative LED Strip Lighting

LED strips can be used creatively in many different ways. They can be used as hidden accent lighting or as main lighting fixtures. In many modern office settings, LED strip lights are used in recessed architectural designs to offer a cool glowing effect.

Pendants and Suspensions

If your office has common areas or set workspaces, pendant lights or artistic lighting suspensions can offer comfort, style, and functionality.

Floor Lamps

When done right, floor lamps can make for excellent office lighting. These lights offer style and efficiency and there is a massive variety of options available. An electrician can wire these lights into your office’s light switch setup in order to offer convenience in your new lighting setup.

Warmer Ambient Lighting

One of the primary benefits of fluorescent lights is that they offer excellent ambient lighting; however, they can be cold and it can feel as though the space is being washed out by their unnatural lighting style. It is possible to replace most fluorescent lights with a warmer, more natural type of fluorescent bulb. In other cases, replacing a fluorescent fixture with a more stylish recessed light fixture is a good way to bring better, more life-giving light to an office.

If you would like to learn more design ideas for office lighting or if you are interested in finding out more about the lighting and electrical services available from Expert Electric, please contact our team of licensed electricians and we will help you get what you need.