Different Reasons to Restore a Classic Car

27 Aug 2020 Vintage Cars

Classic car restorations can be tough, but the end result of a functioning, drivable piece of history usually makes all of the time and effort worthwhile. At Vintage Rod Shop, we know that there are many different reasons to restore a classic car, and the methods used to restore the car will differ according to what the end goal is. We are always careful to help our clients according to what they are hoping to accomplish with their vehicle restoration project and we are able to tailor our services to meet their needs.

What are Some Reasons to Restore a Classic Car?

If you are looking into the possibility of restoring a classic car, it is important to know what your end goal is to ensure that you are happy with the finished project. Some of the most common reasons to restore a classic car include:

Restorations for Use

If you are planning on driving and using your finished classic car, it might be worth looking into some of the different options for restoration-modifications, also known as resto-mods. Resto-mods can include upgrades to engine systems, comfort and sound systems, and much more, all within the original body of the car. This style of restoration is great for people who want to drive their classic car up the coast or on road trips.

Restorations for Car Shows

If you enjoy going to car shows and you are hoping to have your own vehicle to be able to show off (and maybe take home a prize), the style of restoration will often differ from restorations for driving. Car show vehicles usually need to be as close to original as possible in order to be considered a true restoration. There are many car shows for resto-mods as well, but most car shows focus on original restorations, and updates or modifications can sometimes take away from the value of the vehicle in such settings.

Restorations for Resale

Many people believe that they can get their money’s worth by restoring and reselling their classic car. The unfortunate truth is that, while it is possible to sell many types of classic cars for a reasonable sum, the amount that you get is not often equivalent to the amount of money and time spent on the restoration. There are rare exceptions to this but, if you are hoping to make money off of your restoration, it is best to have a solid plan to achieve this.

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