Do I Need to Hire an Architect for My Home?

23 Apr 2020 Custom Building

At Stattonrock Design + Build, we occasionally get asked the question “do I need to hire an architect to design my home?” Many people wonder whether or not an experienced home drafting designer is enough to design ready-to-construct home plans. In many cases for building projects, architects are required, but this is not always the case with Canadian residential builds. While architects provide a wealth of valuable assets and bring loads of experience and knowledge to any building project, they are not actually required to draft a house design.

Is a Drafting Designer Enough for a Custom Home?

Architects have a massive wealth of skills and certifications that allow them to put together complicated and incredible building designs, but these skills and certifications are not required when it comes to building a custom home. Although an architect might be required for a larger scale building, the right drafting designer is certified and more than sufficient to draw up plans for a home.

The Benefits of Having a Custom Builder Design Your Home

If you plan on having a custom home built, it is worth looking into working with a design/builder. A design/builder will have the in-house means to design your home as well as build it, meaning that you will only need to work with the one company from start to finish. This can be extremely beneficial if any flexibility is needed with the floorplans and designs of the home during construction.

It can also save you large quantities of money to work with a design/builder, as a drafting designer tends to cost less than an architect, and the savings amplify when the same group that designs your home builds it.

Another major benefit of having a design/builder work on your custom home is that they will be able to keep the project moving from stage to stage incredibly quickly, as there is no need for the project to pass through multiple sets of hands and various companies. You will only need to pay one company for their services and there is never any scrambling for things lost in communication between planning and execution.

If you are interested in learning more answers to the question “do I need to hire an architect for my home,” or to learn more about the services offered by Stattonrock Design + Build, please contact us and we will be sure to get back to you with the information you need.