Ecosystem Ponds vs Natural Swim Ponds

23 Jul 2020 Water Features

Many people decide that they want to install a pond on their property and they start the pond design process only to find out, partway through, that there is so much more to the world of backyard ponds than they had anticipated. There are many different kinds of ponds and they can have specific purposes to allow their owners to pursue various hobbies. To ensure that you get set up with the best option, it is important to do your research on what you can get out of different types of ponds.

If you are deciding what kind of water feature to install on your property, make sure you talk to an expert, like the ones at Fontana Ponds & Water Features, to compare ecosystem ponds and natural swim ponds to ensure that you get something that works well for your family and property. We have a wealth of experience with designs and installations for both recreational swim ponds and ecosystem ponds, and we are always happy to help people turn their property into an aquatic paradise.

Ecosystem Ponds vs Swim Ponds: Which is Best for Me?

Not all ponds are created equal, and not all ponds have the same purpose. If you are planning to install a pond on your property, the first step will be to decide what you intend on using the pond for. If you are simply hoping to create an environment in which life can thrive so that you can sit by and relax, then an ecosystem pond is likely going to be enough for you; however, if you want to be able to enjoy the aquatic environment from a bit of a closer perspective (that is to say, you want to swim in it), a natural swim pond will be your best option. While both types of ponds include a balanced environment, there are distinct differences that are important to note.

Why Install an Ecosystem Pond?

Ecosystem ponds consist of a collection of life forms that work together to create a contained, interdependent environment in which each type of life feeds into the system for the benefit of all involved. These ponds are dependent on balance within the ecosystem in order to thrive. For the most part, this balance is naturally maintained and these ponds require very little help from humans and do better with less involvement. Ecosystem ponds can work with other water features such as waterfalls and streams as well and they are primarily meant for relaxation, as sitting next to a pond and enjoying the life within it can be incredibly therapeutic.

Why Get a Natural Swim Pond?

Like an ecosystem pond, a natural swim pond is designed to contain a mostly self-sustaining environment, but this environment takes human interaction into account. A natural swim pond requires plant filtration systems, healthy bacteria and other microbes, and proper aeration in order to keep clean and allow plant life to thrive. Like a pool, people are able to swim in these ponds and enjoy the activities that a pool offers, but natural swim ponds are designed to combine this activity and enjoyment with the natural appeal of an ecosystem pond. No chemicals are required to maintain these ponds, so they are much easier on the skin and the environment than swimming pools.

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