Electrical Installations for Home Offices

10 Dec 2020 Licensed Electrician

If you are looking into the possibility of setting up a home office for your business, it is important to consider whether or not the room in which you intend to put your office has everything you need to be an optimal workspace. In many cases, a room does not have the best electrical setup to be converted into a home office, so extension cords and alternative lighting are used to patch over problems. Having an electrician that offers comprehensive residential electrical services come in to help you create a better setup for your home office can help. At BNR Electric, we have loads of experience with electrical installations for home offices and we are always ready to help people get their workspace set up properly.

What to Consider When Setting Up a Home Office

The needs of your home office will vary depending on the type of work that you do and the changes that need to be made to your electrical system will depend on how things are currently set up and the office’s location. An office in a basement or tucked in the corner of a garage will have different needs for heat and light than one on the top floor of your home with south facing windows. Some of the things to consider for home office electrical installations include:

More Electrical Outlets

Consider having electrical outlets installed strategically throughout your home office space. It is likely that you will need a larger concentration of power supply around where your desk will be, but make sure that you consider the other needs of your workspace and have outlets installed throughout the rest of the office to avoid the need for extension cords. Talk to your electrician about the possibility of having specialty outlets installed to meet any safety or utility requirements you might have.

Task Lighting

If you know what the layout of your home office will be, having task lighting installed strategically can help you to minimize clutter.

Heat Source

Depending on where your home office is located, you might need to get extra electric heating installed. Electric base board heating, heated floors, and other electrical heating options can be easily installed with the right planning.

Internet Options

If you are having an electrician rewire other aspects of your home office, it is worth having them also look into options for wiring Internet into your office. Many people go for hard-wired ethernet in their office in order to improve speed and limit problems that can come from Wi-Fi. If you do intend to stick with wireless Internet, it is often worth having the modem located in your office to give you better control over it and improved connectivity during your work day.

If you would like to find out more about electrical installations for home offices, or to learn about the services we provide for residential electricity, please contact the team at BNR Electric so that we can help you get started.